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We have been in business serving the manufacturing industry in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle with customizable software since 1991. We take pride in satisfying all of the software requirements of our customers and understanding our customers business so that we may provide high-level software products that will specifically suit the needs of the customer. Our solutions span from industries such as automotive and gearing to security and electronics manufacturing.

Our challenge is to be versatile within the ever-changing business practices. To meet and exceed this challenge, we have a suite of products that your company can rely on.

Dynamic Megabytes Inc. has a proven track record with our entire customer base as we have available all the necessary resources to meet any development, training and implementation requirements. We are dedicated to our customers and to our products, continually improving our processes and our suite of products to make your life easier and more competitive.

Why Us

Today's commercial software packages fulfill standard needs. With standard packages, users must change their business practices to suit computer systems or redesign systems to achieve specific goals. Any standard package on the market usually does hundreds of things - 90% of which you do not need or do not suit you - and it does not have the power to do tasks specifically important to you. With the manufacturing suite of products by Dynamic Megabytes Inc., you can achieve your goals by defining your own requirements and executing them with customized software tailored to your needs. Our suite of products do not dictate the way you do business; rather they make your business more efficient in exactly the areas that you define.

Your company can choose any one of the products from our product line for any of the following reasons:

  • You are looking for a long-term digital solution.
  • You want to improve your competitive position through computerization.
  • You are not utilizing your current software system efficiently.
  • You are looking for a system that can be installed quickly and is easy to learn.
  • You want a system designed with your business in mind.
  • You want to customize software to handle your unique requirements.
  • You prioritize return on investment - we promise we'll fit any budget and deliver the most robust option.


    The Havlik companies have been in the gear manufacturing related business for over a hundred years. At Havlik Gear, their main business emphasis is on open gearing, special gearing, replacement gearing, bevel and worm gearing, gear units, and gear grinding of all sizes.

    Before Dynamic Megabytes Inc., Havlik Gear was using manual processes and needed to automate to grow their business. "DMI provided the most effective tool for generating fast and accurate quotes", says Rob Borrelli, Engineering Manager. "More expensive packages lacked the functionality we needed. With the DMI product, we can maximize our quotes and optimize the capacity of our shop."

    Once Havlik Gear receives acceptance of a quote, it is easily converted into an order. The solution provides the visibility of the job from creation to final shipping. The key to Havlik Gear is visibility into their shop to look at capacity, maximize machine loading, and job scheduling. This ensures maximum throughput to deliver jobs on time.

    Collaborating with DMI helped Havlik Gear streamline their business, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

    "DMI knows the industry and understands Havlik Gear’s business", Rob Borrelli, Havlik Gear’s Engineering Manager. "So working with them is easy, and I know I can rely on them. They have a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to any manufacturing process".

    Formex Metal Industries is a full service, high volume, contract parts manufacturing company located in the heart of the Southern Ontario automotive manufacturing corridor.

    In 1997, Formex needed to improve inventory accuracy and control, integrate with customers through EDI, and conform to quality standards set by the automotive industry.

    Formex made the decision to implement DMI’s ManuX and SwipeX products. This solution provided a true pull system that removed buffer inventory and waste from production and provided enhanced inventory control.

    In thirty days the applications were up and available, exceeding their customer’s expectations and delivering immediate value to Formex Metal Industries.

    "The solution has all the bells and whistles of software from big software companies but at a reasonable price." Jeff Collis, Operations Manager.