SwipeX is a product designed to support time and attendance in any manufacturing or office environment. When you use SwipeX everyone in your company can be confident that payroll day will not have any unforeseen complications.

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Zero-maintenance swiping

  • Live swipes transfer. No data posting necessary. You never lose swipes.
  • Maintains shift scheduling (including continentals), auto bumping, grace periods, lunch deductions, auto missing swipes detection, statutory/company holidays tracking.
  • Post messages on the swipe clock bulletin board.
  • Easy for supervisors

    SwipeX lets you manually edit or change any swipe that is swiped or entered in the system. Setup security rights for each user to allow or limit the access to different modules.

  • Modify any existing swipe record quickly and easily, adjust shifts or lunch break information.
  • Add or delete swipe records.
  • Send employees personalized messages.
  • View transactions and run reports.
  • Colour-coded swipes for easy maintenance.
  • Special supervisor editing and approvals by department.
  • Employee tracking

    Easily view and change employee information.

  • Keep track of all employee information in one database.
  • Report on any single or multiple employees.
  • Colour-coded employee records for easy navigation.
  • Attach employee pictures.
  • Flexible payroll exporting and historical tracking

    View and change historical payroll records.

  • Specify your company specific payroll rules.
  • Export swipe records to the external payroll package.
  • Keep a history of all payrolls.
  • Report on single or multiple employees.
  • View complete hours breakdown for each payroll week for each employee.
  • Monitor attendance

    Easily check who is in right now, who was late, or left early or has reported absenteeism.

  • Monitor the attendance in the 'live attendance' window with the automatic screen refresh.
  • See when users swipes in and out.
  • Sort preview by employee code, name, department or date/time.
  • Set up stations

    With a swipe clock at each of your main employee entrances, you can be sure that swipes are recorded as employees enter and exit your building.